The newly founded Snyk-Academy is here to put a focus on how the pandemic time has affected the lives and careers of young, professional classical musicians.

Many have experienced how the outburst of the pandemic has meant a turning point or game-changer for a classical, musical career.

Therefore, The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen and Snyk have joined forces to propose a series of seminars focusing on what to do and how to be inspired in order to conquer the new, post-pandemic world of classical music!

There will be a general focus on issues such as inspiration, tools, network, energy, and mental and physical health.

The seminars are free and open to all. Please sign up for the seminars you would like to attend here: LINK

Find more information about the seminars as well as the lecturers below.


1. Seminar with Lars Liebst: Crossing borders
Where: Koncertkirken, CPH.
When: Monday, November 15, at 16:00-18:00. 

Lars Liebst: Danish businessman, director, and board director; for 24 years director of the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen as well as head of the board of Danish TV2 for 11 years and head of the Danish Art Foundation. All through his career, Lars has been preoccupied with strategy, international projects, and how to cross borders between the arts and business plans. For this seminar, Lars will take his departure point in a case about a large project he did with the Queen’s Castle Amalienborg, ballet dancers, musicians, and visual artists where artistic borders were crossed generating great results and inspiration.

2. Seminar with Katrine Ganer Skaug: Dynamics in the musical scene    
Where: Musikhuset, CPH.
When: Wednesday, November 17, at 10:00-12:00.

Katrine Ganer Skaug: Norwegian orchestra- and ensemble director based in Copenhagen, with more than 20 years of experience with development and management of artistic activities in the Nordic countries, both within the publicly supported institutions and outside. Katrine is passionate about actualizing the art-music in relevant contexts, both through open-minded programming, the development of new concert formats, and by forming relationships across silos. For this seminar, Katrine will share her experiences as well as many navigations from her path into the music industry. In this connection, she will discuss some of the current issues that apply to a career within music, centered around questions such as: How are the music industry’s expectations for musicians and the artist’s role? – and what might she have wanted to know, when throwing herself into it?

3. Seminar with Thomas Wisniewski: How did the pandemic influence classical musicians?
Where: Koncertkirken, CPH.
When: Tuesday, November 23, at 10:00-12:00.

Thomas  Wisniewski: Ph.D., lecturer at Harvard University, Boston, is a trained classical saxophonist and is currently teaching literature at Harvard. He works in an interdisciplinary field between the arts and academia and has experienced the pandemic in relation to the American orchestras. In this seminar, Thomas will trace how the initial lockdown and consequent social isolation affected the lives and careers of local classical musicians--both psychologically and in daily performance practice. As an academic and musician, Thomas will connect examples, taken from various phases of the ongoing global pandemic drawn from a number of cultural institutions in Boston, Cambridge and Massachusetts, to his current teaching at Harvard and its relation to Argentina, featuring his current undergraduate seminar in which young musicians sing, play, and dance tango, all while following university-wide pfrotocols, includin g masking and social distancing. To conclude, Thomas will conjecture on what might be learned from classical music in Boston, pre- and post-pandemic: What is the way forward? What might Denmark learn from the United States and the United States from Denmark?

4. (NB: // Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this seminar has been cancelled) Seminar with Ole Bækhøj: Music for the thinking ear
Where: Musikhuset, CPH
When: Thursday, November 25, at 10:00-12:00

Ole Bækhøj: Founding Director of the Pierre Boulez Saal, will talk about launching and running a new concert hall in the heart of Berlin with the aim of promoting musical curiosity and ‘music for the thinking ear’. Trained as a classical double bass player, Ole Bækhøj has for more than 20 years worked as a musician and manager in Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen and Berlin.

5. Seminar with Anders Flemming Bendixen: Keeping up balance between mind, body and energy
Where: Koncertkirken, CPH 
When: Monday, December 6, at 10:00-12:00

Anders Flemming Bendixen: cand.psyk., is trained as a mental coach and sports psychologist. Anders works with elite athletes in order to develop psychological abilities and thus create a stable base for sustainable development, well-being, and top-performance. Performing is about thoughts and emotions. The psychology of sports can give you the mental tools to optimize during successful periods, and handle and come over adversity. Anders currently works for Team Danmark.

We look forward to seeing you this fall at the Snyk Academy!