Sounding Bodies er et forskningsprojekt med udgangspunkt i kroppen som modtager og afgiver af lyd og finder sted fra april til december 2018 på Kunstakademiet i København.

Jenny Gräf, som har initieret projektet, inviterer nu alle interesserede forskere og kunstnere til at ansøge om at blive en del af en Sounding Bodies Study Group, som skal udvikle idéer, eksperimentere og udveksle forskningserfaringer. Deadline er 15. marts, og studiegruppen foregår på engelsk. 

Call for participation: 
Deadline March 15th

SOUNDING BODIES is an artist research project initiated by Jenny Gräf and funded by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Ministry of Culture. The research project will take place from April to December, 2018 at Kunstakademiet and beyond.  

The Sounding Bodies Research Project takes as its point of departure the resonating body, an apparatus for perceiving and communicating sound. With our centuries’ old privileging of sight and the visual, we have been left audio-illiterate, ill-equipped to attend to our own capacity to use sound to navigate and interact with the world.

To study sound deeply from the perspectives of the artistic disciplines, we must develop competencies specific to it, starting with the body’s ability to sound. The Sounding Body is a term referring to embodiment, and the phenomenon of the sonic as it is produced and perceived within the body. 

The SOBO Study Group is a core group of people, who will engage with individual or group artistic research that will contribute to and benefit from the SOUNDING BODIES project. As a member of this group, you will participate in ongoing (2-4 x per month) meetings that involve: 

Presentation/Discussion of your research 

  • Experiments 
  • Exercises 
  • Field trips 
  • Workshops 
  • Other activities to be determined by the group 

You may also have the opportunity to perform, exhibit and/or present your work in one of the three platforms contained within this project: 

  • Website 
  • “Book” 
  • Final Exhibit of the culmination of research. 

Members of the group may also access some of the learning tools/equipment provided by the grant, with permission that documentation will be made of the use and its outcome.

How to apply?

Please send a letter of interest to

1. Describe your interest and how it relates to the research project (see below description).

2. State your interest in working with either one or both of the below options:
a. You can choose to participate/assist in Jenny’s project / artistic research- where you can work with her on what she is doing—or
b. Define your own project that you will work on in relation to the area of study

3. You must confirm that you are able to participate in ongoing (either weekly or bi-weekly) meetings with the group. Participation in these meeting is required to sustain the group dynamic. (A link will be sent to a doodle-scheduling calendar after receiving your letter of interest, and we will do our best to find a time that suits the majority of the group).