What we fund

Grants are given for projects within the field of contemporary music, experimental music, and sound art.

Grants are awarded to activities and concerts within the three following areas:

  • Grants are awarded for projects that shows professionalism, potential and needs a small boost to be actualized
  • Grants are awarded for the start-up phase of pilot projects that will help kick-start a career or new development
  • Grants are awarded for export projects that can help establishing international networks

Who can apply?

Grants are awarded for:

  • Danish residents that work with music-related activities abroad and in Denmark
  • Danish concert promoters which present performers that are residents in Denmark
  • Snyk does not award grants for record releases, video releases, promotion activities, purchase of gear/software and for activities that have taken place before the application deadline

Size of amount

The total amount available for this scheme in 2019 is 100.000 kr. You can apply for up to 10.000 kr. per application


  1. Grants are awarded for projects that expose new experimental music and sound art and in an open and integrating way
  2. Grants are awarded for projects with particular emphasis on musical quality, audience development, marketing and diversity
  3. Grants are awarded for projects that initiate sustainable collaborations and which integrate (local) environments in the field of new experimental music and sound art

How to apply

Please fill out this application form 

On completion of the project, a short report on its results should be submitted.
Please fill out this report form

The grant can be adjusted, within the amount awarded, in relation to the actual travel costs.


Applications for travel grants are processed 4 times a year. The deadlines are:

  • February 1st 23:59
  • April 1st 23:59
  • June 1st 23:59
  • October 1st 23:59 

Case handling

Snyk's committee for project grants (TRIM) handles the applications. TRIM consists of three external members selected by Snyk. Snyk’s director is secretary for the committee. Answers can be expected within one month of the application deadline.

We furthermore reserve the right to forward misplaced applications. Should you receive an administrative rejection on the grounds that your application should be filed under another genre organization, Snyk will contact the applicant and forward the application to the right genre organization or the Danish Arts Foundation.