Snyk supports international traveling for projects within the field of:

  • contemporary music
  • experimental music
  • sound art
  • classical music 


What can be applied for and who can apply

  • Travel support from Denmark going abroad and abroad to Denmark.
  • Travel support between states and federal states if the distance is long i.e. no local transportation within a country including Denmark
  • Travels in conjunction with activities that promotes music within Snyk's field in Denmark or Danish music abroad e.g. concerts, colaborations, network activities, management work
  • Who can apply: musicians, orchestras, bookers, music journalists, ensembles, bands, artists etc. that promotes Danish music abroad or music within Snyk's field in Denmark
  • It is a requirement that the applicant has a Danish CPR or CVR number, NemID and a NemKonto


What cannot be applied for and whom cannot apply

  • Local transportation in Denmark or abroad; i.e. transport to and from the airport, a tour in Denmark etc.
  • Projects that have already started or ended at the application deadline
  • Hotel stays
  • Per diem
  • Study trips and educational activities
  • Operational aided orchestras, ensembles and institutions cannot apply for support


The support is prioritised with the following criteria

  • Documentation on opportunities for development for the applicant and/or the Danish music environment
  • Artistic quality 
  • Documentation on PR and audience strategy
  • Activity documentation; e.g. contract, programme, email correspondences etc.
  • Tours are prioritised higher than a single concert
  • Innovative elements in the project/format
  • Documentation on how this will bring strategic value for the applicant’s career
  • Identifiable local demand on the applied project


How to apply

Applications should be submitted digitally by filling out this form: Snyk – Application for International Travel Support (only in Danish)

  • Applications should as a minimum contain the completed application form and the supplementary 
attachments mentioned on it; e.g. PDF files, sound files (mp3) or links etc.
  • The application should be submitted before travel is commenced
  • Concerts should, as a point of departure, be remunerated by either the applicants themselves or by the international or Danish concert promoter
  • Snyk's logo should be used for all communication concerning the projects supported. The logo can be downloaded here


Granted Support

Disbursement and Closing Report:
  • You will receive a confirmation letter if your project has been granted support
  • If support is granted then a short closing report on its results should be submitted on completion
  • The support awarded will be paid on completion of the journey - and after submission of the closing report along with an account and copies of all relevant attachments. This should be sent to Snyk no later than 1 month after completion of the project/journey
  • The support can be adjusted, within the amount awarded, in relation to the actual travel costs
  • It is mandatory to have a NemKonto (Easy Account) to receive disbursement of the support


Rejected Support

  • You will receive a confirmation letter if your project has been rejected
  • Should you receive an administrative rejection on the grounds that your application should be filed under another genre organisation, Snyk will contact the applicant and forward the original application to the right genre organisation or the Danish Arts Foundation